February, 10th – 13th 2022

Westlake Resort, Yogyakarta

An Amusing Ultra Running Charity in Yogyakarta.

Run Looping Around Westlake Resort, with time limit up to 48 Hours




Thursday, February 10th, 2022, 5PM

Minimum Qualification 160K Certified Run

Minimum 18 Years Old

10 Participants Only

Check In Date: Thursday, 10 Feb 1pm

Check Out Date: Sunday, 13 Feb, 12am

Start/Flag Off: Thursday, 10 Feb, 5pm

Finish Gate Closed: Saturday, 12 Feb, 5pm


Rp 3.000.000 (Private Room)

Rp 2.500.000 (Double Bed)

Rp 1.750.000 (Triple Bed)


Friday, February 11th, 2022, 5PM

No Minimum Qualification

Minimum 18 Years Old

40 Participants Only

Check In Date: Friday, 11 Feb 1pm

Check Out Date: Sunday, 13 Feb, 12am

Start/Flag Off: Friday, 11 Feb, 5pm

Finish Gate Closed: Saturday, 12 Feb, 5pm


Rp 3.000.000 (Private Room)

Rp 2.500.000 (Double Bed)

Rp 1.750.000 (Triple Bed)

12 H – NIGHT

Friday, February 11th, 2022, 5PM

No Minimum Qualification

Minimum 18 Years Old

50 Participants Only

Check In Date: Friday, 11 Feb 1pm

Check Out Date: Sunday, 13 Feb, 12am

Start/Flag Off: Friday, 11 Feb, 5pm

Finish Gate Closed: Saturday, 12 Feb, 5am


Rp 3.000.000 (Private Room)

Rp 2.500.000 (Double Bed)

Rp 1.750.000 (Triple Bed)

12 H – DAY

Saturday, February 12th, 2022, 5AM

No Minimum Qualification

Minimum 18 Years Old

50 Participants Only

Check In Date: Friday, 11 Feb 1pm

Check Out Date: Sunday, 13 Feb, 12am

Start/Flag Off: Saturday 12 Feb, 5am

Finish Gate Closed: Saturday, 12 Feb, 5pm


Rp 3.000.000 (Private Room)

Rp 2.500.000 (Double Bed)

Rp 1.750.000 (Triple Bed)




This Year Rules on BRImo Westlake Ultra 2022

  • RACE
  • FAQ


1. BRImo Westlake Ultra 2022 (BRImo WU22) is an ultra running competition with a time-based format, where participants are given time according to their respective categories to run the furthest distance

2. BRImo WU22 can be followed by Indonesian Citizens (WNI) holding KTP/SIM/Passport and Foreign Citizens (WNA) holding KITAS.

3. All participants must have received the complete COVID-19 vaccine (2 doses) at the time of the competition. Vaccine proof is shown at the time of race pack collection

4. The age limit for participants is required to be at least 18 years old in 2022

5. Organizers may carry out inspections during the race to ensure that all race rules are adhered to.

6. Participants must show a health certificate from a doctor to be able to take part in the competition which is shown at the race pack collection

7. Each participant fully understands that this sport has risks that can result in injury, disability, and even death.

8. Registration fee is non-refundable. The organizers have the right to refuse registration after registration is accepted if there is a registrant who provides incorrect / inaccurate information.

9. If BRImo WU22 is forced to be canceled due to things beyond the control of the organizers (force majeure), including disasters, heavy rains, storms, and demonstrations, or related to government regulations regarding covid-19, then there will be no refund of the registration fee that has been paid and the party The organizer is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience that occurs.

10. The organizer provides lodging / accommodation for participants which is a package of participant registration fees



1. The categories to be contested are 48 Hours, 24 Hours, 12 Hours Night and 12 Hours Day

2. The quota of participants for each category is:

a. 48 Hours is 10 participants

b. 24 Hours is 40 participants

c. 12 Hours Night is 50 participants

d. 12 Hours Afternoon is 50 participants

3. Completion of the online registration form confirms the participant’s agreement to comply with all race rules and regulations.

4. Confirmation of race registration will be given after participants complete registration and payment.

5. The organizer has the right to close the registration before the specified time limit without prior notification when the race quota is full.

6. Participants agree to provide true, accurate, current and comprehensive information about participation, which is contained in the registration form.

7. The organizers may contact participants at any time via electronic mail (email). The notification letter is sent to the registered e-mail address.

8. Participants who are found to have cheated such as disturbing / blocking / pushing other participants by walking in front of other participants will be subject to disqualification.

9. Participants who seek time advantage by running to shorten the distance of the race, piggybacking a vehicle, and cheating / other violations of the rules of the race will be subject to disqualification.

10. Water station & refreshment is located at one point, namely in the start / finish area

11. Participants run only in the lane that has been determined by the organizer. Violation of the race lane will be subject to disqualification

12. The use of motorized vehicles and bicycles is strictly prohibited on the race track

13. Health services will be provided by the organizer in cooperation with the local hospital.

14. Due to health reasons, health officials may stop participants from continuing the competition due to health reasons.

15. All photographic materials, film recordings of participants and their derivatives in the form of promotions and photography at the time of the competition are the property of the organizers and can be used as widely as possible for the purposes of promotion and further reproduction, both now and in the future.

16. The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules at any time it deems necessary and in accordance with the circumstances, both before and during the competition, without prior notification and the reasons.

17. Other matters that have not been stated in this regulation will be determined later.

18. Technical regulations related to the implementation of the competition will be informed at the time of the technical meeting which must be attended by all participants virtually, which will be held no later than 3 days before the competition

19. Information about other rules and regulations may be submitted by the organizers through official social media, namely Instagram @westlakeultra, electronic mail / email, participant groups, funds or the official website which is a comprehensive and binding entity.



1. The participant registration fee is the same for all categories, the difference is the selected resort room facilities, namely:

a. IDR 3,000,000,- for private resort rooms. Participants can invite their family or support team. One room maximum 4 people

b. IDR 2,500,000,- for a double bed room, sharing with 1 other participant. Only 2 participants can stay in this room

c. IDR 1.750.000,- for triple bed room, sharing with 2 other participants. Only 3 participants can stay in this room

2. Participants who have filled in the registration form can make payments no later than 12 hours from registration. Payments that are not made during this time will automatically be cancelled

3. Participants who have registered and completed payment will receive a confirmation email

4. The facilities that participants will receive are:

a. Stayed 3 nights, checked in on Thursday, February 10, 2022 and checked out on Sunday, February 13, 2022, for participants in the 48 hour category

b. Stayed 2 nights, checked this on Friday, February 11, 2022 and checked out on Sunday, February 13, 2022, for participants in the 24 hours, 12 hours night and 12 hours category participants

c. Chest number (bib) with timing chip

d. Official jersey

e. Eat and drink in a buffet at the location of the event venue since the participant is declared checked in

f. Water station and refreshment buffet at the event venue location during the competition according to schedule

g. Gala breakfast and announcement of competition winners & award / prize presentation

h. Finisher jersey with printed distance

i. Electronic certificate of distance and time achievements

j. Sponsored products & information

5. Participation is non-transferable, and cancellation of participation does not require the organizer to return the registration fee that has been paid

6 . Participants who wish to stay longer, either before or after the event and/or wish to upgrade/upgrade their resort rooms, can contact the marketing department of The West Lake Resort after registration as a confirmed WU22 participant



1. Race Pack Collection (RPC) is an activity to verify participant data and collect race packages, which will be held on Thursday, February 10th, 2022 and Friday, February 11th, 2022, at 10am – 3pm

2. Being part of the RPC activities are:

a. Verify participant data with KTP or KITAS

b. Verify that participants have received the full dose of COVID-19 vaccine (2 doses)

c. Submission of a health certificate from a doctor

d. Signing of the statement of waiver (waiver)

e. Submission of the race package, including breast number (bib) and sponsored products

3. The contest participant number (Bib) is an individual specific identifier and cannot be exchanged with or transferred/sold to other people.

4. The sale and/or transfer of competitor numbers is strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and/or ban of that person/team from participation in any future Westlake Ultra events.

5. The Bib number must be placed on the front of the competitor, eg chest or stomach, and must be clearly legible by the organizers during the race.

6. The collection of race packs cannot be represented by anyone and is only carried out according to the schedule



1 . The race route is looping around Westlake lake at The Westlake Resort, Yogyakarta

2 . The route distance is 719 meters per loop/loop. This distance is certified

3 . Participants will run on the route by looping for the time according to their category

4 . The organizer arranges a technical return every 4 hours

5 . The WU22 route is for registered participants only. So that the participant who uses the pacer, the pacer must also be a participant



1. The categories to be contested are 48 Hours, 24 Hours, 12 Hours Night and 12 Hours Day, with the sub categories being:

a. 48 Hours all gender

b. 24 Hours is an open and senior sub category, for male and female, respectively

c. 12 Hours Night is an open and senior sub category, for male and female, respectively

d. 12 Hours of Lunch is an open and senior sub-category, each for male and female

2. Participants who are 45 years old, or 45 years old and above are automatically included in the senior sub category

3. Participants are free to set and determine the distance and time achievements in each category, including for resting and ending the race

4. Participants who leave The Westlake Resort before the end of the race will automatically end the race

5. More detailed race rules will be listed in the race guide which will be submitted to all participants at the technical meeting

6. Each male and female sub-category will determine the first, second and third winner

7. Winners are determined by:

a. Participants who managed to reach the furthest distance in each sub-category will be designated as a winner

b. If 2 or more participants reach the same distance, then the participant with the shortest time will be designated as a winner

8. At the end of the competition, which is Saturday, February 12th, 2022, the organizer will inform the participants that he/she is a potential winner, then the organizer will verify the data thoroughly as a basis for determining the winner of the competition.

9. Time for rebuttal, or complaint on temporary winners is limited from being informed until Saturday, February 12th, 2022 at 7pm

10. The decision of the winner by the jury and the organizers cannot be contested

11. This competition is planned not to give cash prizes, unless otherwise determined by the organizer

12. Announcement of winners and awards & prizes will be made on Sunday, February 13th, 2022, at 6am at the Gala Breakfast event



1. BRImo WU22 is also a donation-raising activity for charity activities

2. Each participant is required to raise funds through their respective accounts/links. The minimum amount of donations reached is not specified

3. To ensure the transparency of donation-raising, each participant will get a different link from other participants through the online donation-raising platform

4. The target recipient of the donation will be determined later and announced later

5. To help with the participant’s donation-raising campaign, the organizers will prepare twibbon and captions for social media

6. Fundraising is done by participants since they are confirmed as participants and get a link until March 30th, 2022

7. Submission of donations to target donations will be made openly and broadcast live via social media no later than May 1st, 2022


Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

(1) Question: What is the minimum distance that must be reached to take part in WU22

Answer: The organizer does not limit the minimum distance achieved, participants are free to reach the distance according to their target or ability. The results of the participants’ distance achievements will be printed on the finisher jersey

(2) Question: Can I request a better room than the private room?

Answer: Yes. You must register as a participant first by choosing a private room, then we will connect you with the resort’s marketing to help you upgrade your room

(3) Question: What if husband and wife want to register as participants, which room should be chosen?

Answer: Each registers as a participant by choosing a double bed room. Then please request us to ask for the same room. For this you can invite your family / children to stay in your room according to the provisions.

(4) Question: What is the nominal prize for each winner?

Answer: As we have stated in the Terms & Conditions, WU22 does not give cash prizes. But it is possible if we decide later.

(5) Question: Is it mandatory for participants to raise donations for charity?

Answer: Yes. WU22 is an ultra charity running competition, so all participants are required to raise donations either from themselves, family, friends or the general public

(6) Question: What is the mechanism for eating and drinking facilities for participants and their families staying in private rooms?

Answer: For participants, eating and drinking facilities are provided as a buffer in the venue area. Participants are free to enjoy it since participants check in. Meanwhile, families who are not participants get breakfast facilities for 2 people, and this is specifically for families who are registered and stay in private rooms

(7) Question: Can other people who are not participants stay at The Westlake Resort to watch this competition?

Answer: No. The Westlake Resort on 10 – 13 February 2022 is exclusive for participants and their families who choose a private room. Rooms are not open to regular guests

(8) Question: If participants need a support team, can they stay at The Westlake Resort?

Answer: Yes, participants must choose a private room and can invite their support team. The private room can be occupied by a maximum of 1 participant and 3 support teams.

(9) Question: Can participants use Pacer?

Answer: Yes, provided that the pacer is also registered as a participant

(10) Question: What is the organizer’s anticipation if this activity is canceled due to pandemic conditions, will there be a refund?

Answer: If WU22 is canceled, the organizer will not provide a refund, but the facilities to stay at the resort remain the rights of the participants according to the date of the WU22 implementation

Launching Jersey dan Finisher Brimo Westlake Ultra 2022

Sunday, 30 January 2022 at Westlake Resort

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